Expose targeted misinformation as a mechanised process that is, by design, used to manipulate social, economic, and political outcomes.
Preliminary research into the architecture of datamining revealed a deep and unsettling connection between Steve Bannon (top advisor to the future President of the United States) and Cambridge Analytica (a previously unheard of English data analytics firm).
Electoral Manipulation / Online Behaviour Tracking
this created a framework for recreating the data mining process in interactive and sculptural terms
as well as providing a framework for developing outcomes that reflect the predispositions of NYCxDesign attendees
Cambridge Analytica had developed a system for determining a Facebook user’s political predisposition by cross referencing the innocuous online behaviour of one user (such as “liking” the Hello Kitty page) with more obvious political leanings from other users.
Stratasys exploited a vulnerability in Facebook’s API that granted developers access to the behavioral data of an app-user’s friends, unbeknownst to the user or their connections.
Stratasys compared the behaviors of millions of non-consenting users to determine trends in socio-political outcomes.
Stratasys would then deploy fringe advertisements to elicit emotional responses that reinforce already-held biases.
Our team work was put to the test as we mobilized to support our collectively constructed thesis.
Face-to-face interaction was the crux of The Datalogue’s impressionability.
Over 1500 man-hours were devoted towards the enactment of our  embodied design. Participants were drawn out of a rhythm of (mostly) appreciation for design, into a dance of enrichment. We, the muses of information, instruments of charisma, sang our song, and we were well recieved.
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